Loadline Services Limited is committed to ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, its business activities will not be of detriment to the safety its own personnel or to others.

The key points of the company strategy to achieve this are:

- To provide adequate control of the risks which may arise from our work activities.

- To ensure that company equipment belonging to Loadline Services Ltd is maintained in a safe condition.

- To ensure that correct PPE is available for, and used by, its own personnel at all times as appropriate to the task.

- To adhere to safe working practice at all times.

- When on client’s premises, sites or vessels, Loadline Services Ltd personnel will request induction in the client’s safety & emergency procedures. Loadline Services Ltd will thereafter act in accordance with both these and its own procedures whilst on site.

- The company policy will be subject to regular review and will be revised as found necessary.